“She explains things so well, you never leave feeling lost.”

“Paige is hands down the BEST trainer!! I’ve taken many classes with her over the years and always have a great experience. She’s kind, patient, and passionate for what she does! She explains things so well, you never leave feeling lost. Additionally, Paige is the kind of trainer you can reach out to anytime you need help after class. Unquestionably, she’s always there to help!! She’s truly amazing!“

– Britteny Head, licensed esthetician, Georgia

“Provides detailed demonstrations and hands-on practice”

“I have driven 2 hours each way to take two separate courses with Cortney and both were fantastic. Cortney is a very talented educator who thoroughly explains the concepts she is teaching, provides detailed demonstrations and hands-on practice. She’s always open to questions from students and provides great insight into the services she is teaching too. Since those classes she has continued to support me by answering questions that come up and offering suggestions and advice.”

– Sara Steffen, licensed esthetician, Wisconsin

“One of the best experiences I’ve had in a certification program”

“Training with Cortney was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a certification program. Her knowledge was on point; every question asked, there was a detailed and informative answer. She was excited to train as well as professional, two qualities that I believe make an excellent and successful educator. Moreover, I enjoyed her style so much; I took two trainings with her. Without a doubt, I’m so grateful for getting to know and learn from one of the best!”

– Ashley Jackson, licensed esthetician, Illinois

She is able to make you feel comfortable yet confident in what you are learning!

Cortney was an awesome educator! She is able to make you feel comfortable yet confident in what you are learning! Able to provide feedback and direction without making you feel embarrassed. She has been available and more than willing to provide support after the training and is able to communicate and help problem solve or direction when a new idea may need to be explored.

I appreciate Cortney as an educator and fellow colleague!

– Brooke Tarrant, Indiana

Feedback from our

LIVE Virtual Continuing Education Days!

“This virtual continuing education day was full of amazing information I would not have even thought about! It definitely went above and beyond my expectations. “


“Without a doubt, I have gained knowledge that I have never received in any other class before. I was able to apply all these topics we discussed in my career.”


“This virtual continuing education day was great. I thought it was well done and I have so many notes on many different topics I found very helpful, too.”


“The information was very clear and nicely presented as a whole. I loved the use of slide shows, so I was able to listen, write and read all the information being shared. Cortney did an amazing job and really bringing my boundaries to paper and how I can work on implementing them. I thought it was all a great experience.”


“Felt it was very thorough. I had a few “ah-ha” moments, and a few things were review, but also a good reminder that I’d become lax. Really enjoyed Ashley’s section on customer service as I got a lot of information from her.”

More feedback from our

LIVE Virtual Continuing Education Days!

“I’m usually great about having ideas or knowing what needs done but figuring out how to implement those ideas isn’t my strong point. So, I appreciated the portion of each topic and that broke it down into steps.”


“You guys did a great job covering so many different topics. Additionally, it was nice to hear people talking about ways of taking care of ourselves in order to build a better business. Too often, people are so scared of losing money that they will keep around clients or overbooking themselves. Undoubtedly, they’re scared of loss of income. When in reality, if they find other sources (retail), they can make just as much money while still having the time to implement work/life balance.”


“I think it was great that you offered it in the live, online format to make it easier for people to access. Definitely learned a few new perspectives and I also enjoyed the friendly chat interaction, and knowing the layout of the day, so I knew what to expect.”


“Not many places offer courses in these topics, yet it’s so important. The material was very nicely laid out and easy to relate to and understand. I truly loved this so much and I learned so much. “


“Enjoyed the whole class. I did like Scarlett’s presentation of sanitation. All the tips were very helpful. Also, I loved how interactive you were with us as a whole.”

Feedback from our financial workshop!

“Provided ways to think outside the box in order to save money.”


“Helped me open my eyes to my finances!”


“Loved the course and can’t wait to take more!”


“I learned to look at money differently.”


“This made me be more aware of the things I could do differently.”


“Finances are one thing there’s just not time for when we’re in school, so I appreciate the direction from others in the industry who have been there.”


“It made me realize I need to budget & utilize my budgeting tools I have access to.”


“Definitely opened my eyes on my mindset towards money .”


“Made me realize it’s never too late to turn around your finances & make things happen.”